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Do You Need to Replace Power Steering Fluid?

When you discover that your vehicle needs a power steering flush, you might be tempted to put it off. So, is it really required to change the power steering fluid? The simple answer is yes—regular power steering flushes are necessary to safeguard your car and keep you and other road users safe. Let's look more closely:

Observing Symptoms

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned below, you urgently need to schedule a power steering fluid flush to ensure the safety of both you and your car as well as other road users.

Lack of symptoms

What happens if you need to cleanse your power steering fluid on a regular basis but haven't yet observed any symptoms? This treatment is still required to stop the emergence of risky or bothersome symptoms. Additionally, it can aid with power steering system protection. Without enough fluid, your power steering pump, for instance, may start to degrade, turning a straightforward maintenance flush into an expensive repair. Visits to the mechanic are required, although they are not as urgent as when a driver has symptoms. In these situations, book your servicing as soon as possible or arrange for a technician to visit you.

Why Should You Replace Your Power-Steering Fluid?

When you take your car to the repair shop for maintenance, you might be told you need to clean your power-steering pump then refill it with new fluid since the old one has turned black. Remember that transmission fluid and engine oil may darken over time and a darker red color isn't always an indication that the fluid is damaged. Before you pay someone to flush your pump, consult your owner's handbook or maintenance schedule. It is unlikely to state that you must change the fluid or cleanse the pump at specific periods.

Check the power-steering fluid reservoir on a regular basis to ensure that it is full and that the power-steering system is not leaking. O-rings, seals, and other internal power steering components might degrade with time, resulting in a leak. A leak of this magnitude might seriously harm the remainder of the system, including the pump. If you find that it is more difficult to move your steering wheel when steering or that your power steering creates a whining sound when cornering, it might be due to a lack of fluid in the reservoir.


If you need a power steering fluid flush, visit Rocky Mountain Car Care today for affordable, time-conscious and professional services!