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How to Choose the Right Motor Oil for Your Vehicle: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Choose the Right Motor Oil for Your Vehicle: A Comprehensive Guide in Broomfield, CO | Rocky Mountain Car Care

Picking the right motor oil for your car can be overwhelming because there are many options, including synthetic oil, conventional oil, high mileage oil, and synthetic blend oil. If you pick the wrong option it will negatively affect your car's performance. It could also lead to engine trouble. The following is how to choose the right motor oil for you:

Car Age

The oil you choose for your car should depend on how old it is. Cars with over 100,000 miles should use high-mileage oil.

New cars should use synthetic or conventional motor oil. The car will run smoothly, but if you start noticing oil leaks or engine noises, you should make the switch to high-mileage oil.

Driving Style

Another category that influences your car's type of oil is the type of driver you are. Drivers typically fall into two categories: short-distance (within cities) and long-range drivers.

City driving is hard on your vehicle because of all the starting and stopping. The car's temperature is usually high, meaning you want to pick a high-performing oil like synthetic or synthetic blend oil. Long-distance drivers can use conventional or high-mileage oil.


Engine oil performance significantly depends on the climate where you drive your vehicle. Oil performance depends on how engine oil performs at different temperatures depends on its viscosity.

If you reside in a colder climate, choose a complete synthetic motor oil with the lowest "0W" winter grade available. This will offer the best protection against cold starts.

Warmer weather does not necessitate thicker oil. Your engine was built to run with a certain viscosity, so consult the owner's handbook to discover the right viscosity level, engine oil requirements, and oil drain frequency.
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