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Is a Cooling System Flush Necessary for My Car?

An overheated car is the most common reason for vehicle breakdowns and engine damage by far. Your vehicle has probably been through a lot this summer, which is why we suggest you come in for a cooling system flush. This type of service is a vital maintenance step to keep your engine running seamlessly, no matter what kind of day it is. Regularly changing out your coolant or anti-freeze can make a big difference in preventing larger problems for your cooling system in the future!


What Even Is the Cooling System?

The cooling system is comprised of various parts that help stabilize your engine temperature. The engine runs at high temperatures, so the cooling system aids in heating it, but it also helps to maintain a stable, constant temperature without overheating as it runs. The system does this by moving heat into the air with the help of coolant and its other components.

In most automobiles, the cooling system works by circulating fluid through parts, like the radiator and pipes in the engine, to absorb the heat surrounding the motor. The radiator sits at the end of the system and captures and converts the heat from the fluid into the air.


How Often Should I Get a Coolant Flush?

Most car manufacturers advise that you change the radiator fluid approximately every 30,000 miles or 24 to 36 months. Depending on your driving habits and other factors, you may need to flush your coolant more frequently. 

Failing to swap out your coolant can shave up to 100,000 miles off the life of your engine, in addition to severe problems and expensive repairs.


As the coolant flows through your entire engine, it also leaves behind debris and contaminants. This gunk can collect on the radiator, inside the water pump, or thermostat, and it can eventually lead to an insufficient flow of coolant (aka overheating). Besides, the parts can also fail from physical damages like cracks, leading to leakages.


Bottom line – you don't want to risk a cooling system failure, causing you to break down on the road mid-drive! You and your family's safety should be at the top of your priority list, and it will be on the top of ours too! Come by Rocky Mountain Car Care to have your coolant flushed ASAP. Please call us at (720) 445-8022 or stop by our shop in Broomfield, CO, today!