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Quick Tips for Road Tripping with Pets

Road trips can be fun, but they can be even better when you bring your pets along for the ride. If you do decide on bringing your furry friend on the road, there are some safety precautions you may need to take. Pets can be restless and behave poorly when confined in a small space, such as jumping and hanging out the window. Here are some tips to keep your pet well-behaved so that the whole car can have fun:

Take Little Trips Before

Before your big getaway, take your cat or dog for a spin to make them feel comfortable in your car. That way, you can get a feel of whether they get stressed or anxious. 

Pack Your Pets' Essentials

As you pack your bag with your toiletries, clothes, and other essentials, don't forget to pack your pet's things too. They'll need their food and water, treats, grooming supplies, treats, and even toys.  

Take a Trip to the Vet

Before going on an extensive road adventure, it is important to take your pet to the vet to see whether it is fit for travel. For instance, if your dog has a health problem, ask the doctor if traveling may affect them in a negative way. Perhaps, they may need a refill on medications. A vet may also be able to give your animal some medicine to treat their anxiety on the road. 

Make Sure Your Car Is Safe

Last but not least, you can bring your car into our auto repair shop for a pre-trip inspection. With the right inspection and services, we'll have your car safe for everybody including your pets. We invite you to Rocky Mountain Car Care today!