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Signs It's Time for a Fuel System Cleaning

Your car's fuel system requires regular maintenance like all the other systems. Most problems linked to faulty components or sensors are caused by the buildup on various parts. Fuel system contamination may also degrade various components prematurely. Regular maintenance will help you save a lot of money as it will prevent severe complications.

You can tell your fuel system is having issues or struggling when you experience the following signs:

Acceleration Lag

If the engine does not get enough fuel, you will notice acceleration lag—when you step on the gas to move your vehicle from stop or to speed up, your car will sputter and resist to pick up speed. You will definitely run into problems if the fuel injectors or filters are clogged or if the fuel pump does not send adequate fuel to the engine.

Stress Power Decrease

Overloading, towing, and driving up a steep hill apply stress on your engine. If your car loses power under these conditions, the fuel system may be having issues. Your car needs more gas to power the engine when you place stress on it. If the fuel system does not push adequately through the engine, it will lose power.

Poor Gas Mileage

A dirty and sluggish fuel system will significantly affect your gas mileage. If your engine gets too much gas, it burns off the excess. If it does not get enough, it will strain to operate. Both scenarios significantly reduce your car's fuel economy.

Starting and Idling Trouble

If you are experiencing starting problems and/or rough idling, your fuel system might be the culprit. For instance, if you experience a hard time starting your vehicle and smell gasoline, it may be due to the fuel pump being stuck open and flooding your engine with fuel. However, if your car engine idles roughly, it may be due to the engine not getting adequate fuel.

Fuel Cleaning in Broomfield, CO

You need to service your fuel system almost as often as you service other vehicle systems for smooth running of your car. A fuel system cleaning can solve the above noted issues and more. If you are experiencing these problems or suspect your fuel system is in a bad shape, we invite you to bring your vehicle into Rocky Mountain Car Care today for a system inspection and cleaning.