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What Does the Blue Light on My Dashboard Mean?

If you've ever looked at your dashboard in confusion, you're not alone. Many different symbols and lights can pop up, and it can be a lot to take in. One notably confusing symbol is the coolant temperature light, and its function is to show the temperature of your engine. When it's blue, it means your motor isn't quite at the operational driving temperature yet. In other words, the engine needs to heat up. For this particular reason, it's advised that you wait until this blue light turns off before you drive anywhere.

This engine coolant light can turn another: Red. And as you may guess, it means your engine is way too hot! If this light comes on, it's recommended that you turn your car off. This light typically only appears on very hot days, but it can also illuminate if you've been driving a lot of lugging heavy equipment at high speeds. It's not a big concern as long as it turns off after a little while.

Potential Issues

As mentioned before, if the coolant temperature light remains on your dash for a while, you might be a little worried. While the light staying on could be related to a simple electrical issue, you should always take the light seriously if it remains on your dash for an extended period of time. If the blue light persists and everything seems operational, then you should not be too concerned. However, if the red light stays on, it could mean that your engine is at risk of overheating or major damage. We recommend taking your vehicle to a reputable auto repair shop, like Rocky Mountain Car Care, as soon as possible. High engine temperatures could relate to a multitude of engine combustion issues. It's always better to be sure, even if it was a false warning.


If your engine coolant light has been giving you a headache, bring your vehicle to Rocky Mountain Car Care! We'd be glad to answer any of the questions and address your concerns.

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